Design – Sanitation


Design  in General

Sites that deal  with engineering and design aspects

  • site:
  • content focus: water sanitation hygiene
  • features:  searchable q&a  forum and virtual collection of  documents
  • documents: are links to doc on originating  sites;  are categorized;  WASH related data – 873 documents; understandably no search of docs’ content;
  • membership: optional/free  forum: yes
  • our note:  young site that is off to a good start – has allot of potential and is worth a look  at/try


  • site: YouTube  videos on ecosan design materials and ecosan construction
  • content focus: videos related to echosans
  • features:  searchable   collection of  videos
  • documents: videos;  links above are examples of how to filter on terms
  • membership: optional/free  forum: yes
  • our note:   there is a lack of summaries, and reviews don’t always offer useful details as to content. You need the time  to wade through them, but there are some great finds
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