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Turning recycled wastewater into a commoditized resource : Valérie Issumo at TEDxLausanne

Sun, 03Mar2013 1 comment

The talk is titled: Wastewater, a resource or a weapon of mass destruction? 

Valérie shows us how to turn recycled wastewater into a commoditized resource, improve water sanitation, provide efficient water usage, and reduce price volatility.


Valérie Issumo is the CEO of Prana Sustainable Water company ( . An economist, she worked for 15 years as a soft commodities trader and as a trainer in Belgium, Uruguay, Cameroon and Switzerland. Throughout her career she has fought for sustainability and risk mitigation in the entire value chain of traded goods. She is a university lecturer and also a consultant for food security, socially responsible investments, pricing ecosystems and the assessment of water interdependencies. Valérie holds an MBA, has studied at various international water centres, and was a recipient of the Prize of the Belgian Minister of Foreign Trade.

Prana Sustainable Water is acting for the following challenges:

  • Reducing the 80% untreated wastewater (UNEP) by matching offers and pre-paid demands of treated water allowing to finance sanitation and restore the public water quality as common good for not hindering growth and strategies.
  • Water is the underlying commodity of every goods or services: please check and : Prana Sustainable Water has designed Ethical Water Titles© – futures contracts – to commoditize treated wastewater as tradable resource on the Ethical Water Exchange platform or commodities exchange for water procurement and price security.
  • Scaling-up clean technologies for wastewater:the members of Prana Sustainable Water Club active in wastewater can benefit organized markets through solvent demands of recycled water via Ethical Water Titles© allowing to leapfrog the leverage effects solving simultaneously water, health, economic, environmental and social issues.
  • Offset water consumption : wastewater can be recycled on an infinite basis. Prana Sustainable Water boosts responsible productions or services prioritizing reuse water with the automatic respect of the Water Exploitation Index and storing part of recycled wastewater into green water bnks© for philanthropy, reforestation and production of green/rain water, energy, public services like fires..etc…
  • Defense and food security Our motto is to incentivize responsible water use to produce:
    – what makes sense (prioritizing commoditized recycled water from wastewater for Human Rights, for water footprints of functional food or with high nutritional value and ecosystems services),
    – where it makes sense (according to the impact),
    – how it makes sense (with treated wastewater and sludge energy).


Prana Sustainable Water site pages

source of materials YouTube posting & Prana Sustainable Water



“Sewage Fed Biorefineries A Foundation for Urban Sustainability”

Fri, 05Oct2012 3 comments

This a great TEDX by Kartik Chandran at TEDxColumbiaEngineering

Redefining the model for urban sewage treatment / sanitation  addressing

Waste recover-  Key Chemicals

Energy Recovery


From the Youtube Site

“Kartik Chandran is an Environmental Engineer. He is currently Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University, where he leads the Columbia University Biomolecular Environmental Science program and the Wastewater Treatment and Climate Change program. Under his stewardship, the research directions of biological wastewater treatment and biological nitrogen removal were established for the first time ever in the history of Columbia University. Chandran is keenly interested in developing novel models for sustainable sanitation and wastewater treatment, with a specific focus on managing the global nitrogen cycle (one of the grand challenges of the National Academy of Engineering) and linking it to the carbon cycle, the water cycle and the energy cycle. Chandran has received, among other awards, the NSF CAREER award and the Paul Busch Award. He was the recipient of a 2007 National Academies of Science Fellowship and a guest professorship at the Delft University of Technology. In 2011, Chandran began implementing a novel model for sanitation in Africa, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Water Environment Federation.”

Recycled water gains a foothold in California

Thu, 17Sep2009 Comments off

Note: When we look at the rest of the worlds water problems, the ones of water starved California seem  to be tiny,  yet the significance  and cost of this effort can not be overlooked.  There is some  sadness that the recycle water that is seen as impure in California, would be seen as gold in many parts of the world.

the story:

$1.9 million grant to help build recycled water pipeline

By Rachel McGrath
Monday, September 14, 2009

Ventura County Star web

The federal government has granted $1.9 million in economic stimulus funds to help build a pipeline to distribute recycled water in the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District.

The 24-inch pipeline will carry recycled water from the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility in Malibu Canyon and will tie into an existing distribution system nearly two miles to the north at Las Virgenes Road and Mulholland Highway.

see map

see map

Officials say the pipeline represents another stage in local efforts to expand the delivery and use of recycled water amid a state water shortage.

The Tapia plant is owned and operated jointly by the Las Virgenes district and the Triunfo Sanitation District, which together provide wastewater treatment, recycled water and other services for a region that includes Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, parts of Thousand Oaks and neighboring areas of eastern Ventura County and western Los Angeles County.

The grant money was awarded to the Las Virgenes-Triunfo Joint Powers Authority by the federal Bureau of Reclamation’s water efficiency Challenge Grant Program, which is part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The total cost of the pipeline project is estimated at $4.5 million. After the $1.9 million federal grant, the balance of the cost, roughly $2.5 million, will be funded by the Joint Powers Authority.

David Lippman, director of facilities and operations for the Las Virgenes district, said the pipeline will be about 9,000 feet long. Future stages of development will add to the distribution system to deliver more recycled water to customers, he said.

“The use of recycled water decreases the amount of potable water brought into the district and so this is developing a local water resource,” Lippman said. “It also takes less energy to recycle water locally than to import it from the State Water Project,” which delivers water from Northern California to Southern California.

The federal stimulus money is designed to fund projects that will create immediate jobs, and work on the recycled water pipeline is expected to begin in October and to be completed by May 2010. Lippman said the contract for the construction project is currently out to bid.

The Las Virgenes district delivers about 6,500 acre feet of recycled water a year — roughly 2.1 billion gallons — which represents about 20 percent of the district’s annual water demand, he said.

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